Where we play

Our Playground:

Rainbow World has three playground facilities, one for the African Friends, one for the Daring Dino’s and one for the ages 3-6.  The playgrounds are equipped with jungle gyms, sand pits, slides and other equipment. The senior playground also has a doll’s house, fairy corner and bicycle track.  The best of all is the luscious grass and trees – no fake grass for us!  We have rabbits, peacocks and ducks.

Our Classes:

Our Classes:
Our six classes are equipped with child size tables and chairs, fantasy corners, book corners, theme tables and all the equipment needed.  Each class has a toilet area equipped with lockers for the children’s bags, three small basins and two toilets.

Assistant Isabel

Teacher Marlene

African Friends (Baby Centre):

Assistant Priscar

Teacher Shafeeqah

Daring Dinos:

Teacher Neo

Feisty Foxes:

Assistant Mirriam

Teacher Chantel

Llamazing Llamas:

Assistant Cleo

Teacher Raye

Super Heroes:

Rainbow Space Centre (Montessori):

Assistant Johanna

Assistant Elsie

Directress – Sarah

Directress – Candice