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At Rainbow World we are very busy every day! Our children are exposed to a variety of activities and experiences daily, which ensures that they are well balanced, happy children!

  • Rainbow World is a Christian pre-primary school that begins every day with prayer and devotions.
  • We follow a structured, but informal daily program.
  • Pre-school relevant themes are presented weekly as it broadens the children’s general knowledge and language skills.
  • One of our classes are based on the Montessori Educational System and five bilingual classes are based on the Traditional education system.
  • We spend time daily on creative development, free play, movement and/or music and story time.
  • Junior Jive music program is presented on Wednesdays to all children.
  • Kwanda Kinetics program is presented on Thursdays and Fridays to all children.
  • Phyzz Ed Sports. Phyzz Ed Sportz provides an early foundation for boys and girls ages 2-14 years old, where they will learn many skills and various sports.
  • Visits by educational companies are presented quarterly to all children.
  • We are open during school holidays, in December we close on the last working day before the 16th.
  • Adaptation reports are handed out at the end of the first quarter and full assessment reports at the end of the second and fourth quarters.
  • Therapeutic services are available should it be necessary.

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  • Opening
  • Phyzz Ed


  • Make me Super Smart Tuesday


  • Junior Jive


  • Kwanda Kinetics


  • Cycling Friday