Our awesome classes

Playful Penguins

Baby – Turning Two years from July to December

Be a dreamcatcher

Move in the direction of your dreams today.  Even if it’s just a little waddle…

Daring Dino’s

Turning Two years from January to June

Why Fit In?

When you were born to stand out?

Llamazing Llama’s

Three – Four Years Old (turns 4 in the year)

Be Amazing!

You are capable of so much more than you can even imagine

Rainbow Rascals

Four – Five Years Old (turns 5 in the year)

Believe anything is possible…

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem & smarter than you think.

Super Heroes

Grade R: Five – Six Years Old (turns 6 in the year)

Kids are just


in disguise

Rainbow Space Centre

Montessori: Three – Five Years Old.

Be a Dreamer!

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Rolling Rascals

Aftercare & Holiday Club Program

We offer a holistic, highly structured afterschool and holiday club program that helps children to grow in confidence and improve academically.  Our children receive individual attention when needed. We also support families to ensure that the family unit stays intact.

AfterCare Holiday Programme

Our services include school holiday events, special events and outings that provide an opportunity for enrichment not usually available to the children. Outings are held during school holiday periods.

For more details about our afterschool or holiday club program, please email us 

Goals & Routines

Each class follows its own special routine to bring about optimal learning – our routine results in combined playing time for social development. During our day program we cover all the learning areas in a fun and concrete way – we believe that children should learn through play. We work in groups in the classroom to achieve one-on-one teaching. We understand that children do not all learn in the same way and we offer them the opportunity to explore their world kinesthetically, auditory, visually, and sensory ….. We offer a variety of opportunities and activities to help all our peers reach the necessary milestones.

Each buddy builds his own unique rainbow!

Discipline Our Vision

We support a positive discipline system. We strive to support good behaviour and to be able to follow rules in and out of class. To be able to function on a social level without physical, emotional or verbal violence. We take the focus away from what they are doing wrong and focus on good behaviour. Positive discipline works for the child, not against them. 

Rules & Intervention


1. My teacher    2. My friends   

3. My school 

If a child shows that he / she is struggling to regulate himself / herself, you will be contacted to discuss the situation and work out a solution together. However, in extreme cases (recurring cases of theft, physical, emotional and verbal violence) you will be asked to pick up your child immediately and he / she can only return when a full report has been received from a qualified therapist or specialist. This drastic decision is in the best interests of your child, his / her classmates as well as the teacher.