Frequently Asked Questions

What does my child receive with registration?

A bag, t-shirt, water bottle, a hat and sunscreen. The fee also includes facial tissues, wetwipes and A4 paper for the year. All mommy and daddy afternoons as well as grandma & granddad days are included.

How many children are there per class?

This depends on the age group.

3 months – 1 year olds: 12
1-2 year olds: 16
2-3 year olds: 24
3-4 year olds: 22-26
Montessori: 22-26
4-5 year olds: 22-26
All the classes have a teacher and an assistant.

What should I do with medicine that my child must receive at school during the day?

It is placed in the basket at the gate in the morning and the secretary or nurse administers it according to the note you completed (available in the basket). The medicine is then left at the gate in the afternoon for you to take it home. No medication will be allowed without prior consent from the parent, and no antibiotics will be allowed within the first 48hours of receiving the prescription.

What precautionary methods are in place to ensure safety of the children?

We use Armed Response, our alarm system has panic buttons in all the classes, the offices and the security guard also has a panic button. We DO NOT accept any cash on the premises. We practice our emergency plan regularly at unexpected times to ensure that the staff and children know what to do in any situation. Children are signed out at the gate and the security guard knows all the parents, so NO child may leave the premises with a stranger unless it has been arranged with the office.

Does the school do potty training?

Yes, the teachers and assistants train the 1-3 year olds to use the potty and later on the toilet. We do however expect the cooperation of the parents in this regard.

Are visits to the school by educational institutions included in the school fees?

Yes. One to two visits take place each term

Will photos be taken of my child during the year?

Yes. Photos are taken once or twice a year by a photographer. At other events the teachers and parents take photos.

Is the school open during school holidays?

Yes, Parents provide snacks and lunch during this period. We close in December for a well earned long break.

Will my child get breakfast at school?

Yes. From 7:30 to 8:00. If the child is late, he/she will not receive breakfast. The kitchen requires enough time to prepare lunch.

Are extra murals presented at the school?

No,  Junior Jive, Kwanda Kinetics and Phyzz Ed Sports are included in the school fees.

Mag ek partytjiegoed vir my kind skooltoe stuur?

Yes, please arrange beforehand with the class teacher. We prefer that parents don’t send too many sweets.

Will I receive an account for school fees?

Yes, account statements are sent via email monthly. Queries can be sent to The financial office is available on Mondays to Fridays from 07:30 – 13:00.